Untitled (space obstruction), 2012, acrylic, spray paint, collage on stretched fabric, 22 x 20 in.

A.  I made this painting on a bed sheet I bought at a junk store. It’s made from acrylic and spray paint and little scraps and pieces of paper that kind of accumulate around my studio.

A. I think the drawings of artist Bill Traylor have really influenced the body of work I’m doing now. He seemed to obsessively bind these characters chasing each other with axes and canes together by some non-descript structural element in many of his pieces. The work takes on this dark totemic weirdness that I find really attractive.

A. My girlfriend once told me she had heard the native people of this region put a curse on us whiteys to make it so that no matter how hard you try to leave, this place will always suck you back in. I plan on tempting the fates someday. This town’s been good to me though.

Dylan is a fourth year BFA student in the UH painting department.